Twickenham Family Photographer

Twickenham Family Photographer

Another year has gone by and I've photographed new friends, revisited old ones and met new arrivals. At the end of last year I went back to see Elliot who I photographed when he was three months old, he has a new baby brother Riley now and at three months you can hardly tell them apart - take a loot at Elliots session here.

The weather coming into 2016 has been wet and windy - not ideal for a family photo session especially if you want to take advantage of our lovely outdoor spaces in South West London, but I can guarantee that even in the cold Richmond Park, Bushy Park, Marble Hill to name but a few still look stunning, and there is nothing cuter than little ones bundled up in wooly hats and scarves.

Even baby Riley managed a cosy smile in a cold Marble Hill Park this winter...

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